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Drink Me Tea

branding and packaging

Tea company, Drink Me, required branding and packaging for their new novelty tea range. The tea is to be sold at gift shops and the brief required the packaging to be quirky and original. They also requested a unique logo as well as the use of bright colours, striking text, and unusual shapes.


Drink Me tea was created for tea-lovers that are imaginative, artistic, nonconformist, humorous, light-hearted, and never boring. With this in mind, the theme of Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter tea party was used as inspiration. Psychedelia and pop art were also influential for branding. Characters were also used to reflect the tea blend. Psychedelic swirls and liquid shapes helped create the feeling of movement. Other icons from the book such as arrows were used to aid text hierarchy and add visual interest. Images were treated with a pop art process.


The logo is comprised of a swirling, pop art-style tea drop and a psychedelic typeface Synthemesc placed as if the letters are in motion. PeachykeenJF and SchemeRg regular were used for tea descriptions as they helped convey the brand’s humor. Avenir was applied to the body copy.


Two A4 magazine advertisements were also designed to promote Drink Me tea.

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