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Gather Food Delivery

branding and app design

Food delivery company Gather needed branding and an app designed for their fresh fruit and vegetable boxes. The branding needed to appeal to their female Northern Rivers-based target audience while their app needed to be concise and easy to use.


With this information in mind, a fresh colour palette with shades of mint, peach and ocher was chosen.  White added a cleanness to the background and aided body copy readability. Gather’s logo was inspired by farm brands and a circular stamp was created. 


Garamond Premier Pro was selected for its elegance and femininity as the logo typeface.


Typefaces San Francisco Compact Round and San Francisco Compact Light were used for body copy throughout the app for their readability.   Compatible icons were chosen for consistent branding.


Spatial and functional areas were considered for button placement and ease of app navigation and aesthetics.

Gather_hand_mockup_1 copy.jpg
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