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Journey Magazine

Photography and magazine design

The Journey is a 24-page art house magazine aimed at creatives and photography lovers. This edition explores the journey of water as it makes its way from clouds to shore. Photographic images are accompanied by poetry by Morgan Harper Nichols to create a thought-provoking read that is reminiscent of a journal.


Simple typography is used throughout with a combination of typewriter font and handwriting.  Ragged edges, different type weights and uneven leading are used throughout to mimic qualities of water like lucidity, motion and transparency.  It was for these reasons, body copy and images overlap.

The images were captured with a  digital SLR camera and Go Pro and manipulated in Photoshop to create motion, noise and undefined borders.


Multiple watercolour textures were used in the background to age the paper. They were also placed over images and text to create lucidity and blend all elements together.

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