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Caldera Chilli Sauce

branding and labelling

Located in the Northern Rivers, Caldera is a chilli sauce company that required branding for its extra hot sauce. The gourmet product is sold at local farmer’s markets and the company wanted to communicate its indigenous Bundjalung ingredients throughout the branding.


Botanical art was the inspiration for Caldera’s branding. This influence can be seen in the logo which contains a painting created using traditional watercolour techniques. The three font choices (LTC Bodoni, Hero New Regular and P22 Marcel) were also inspired by the vintage artwork. 


Vintage-style labels with borders were selected for the front labels as they complimented the branding theme and the chilli bottle’s shape.  


Packaging information was placed into the labels using hierarchy. Back and lid labels were created to match and promote the brand further. A small brochure was made with Caldera’s brand story, a QR code that links to the website and its online recipe compendium.

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