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Kalm Bath House

branding and brochure design

Branding was required for urban bathhouse Kalm.  The business also needed an A5 brochure with a menu of their services. 


Kalm is a unisex bathhouse with an industrial feel. It specialised in hot stone massage and thermal spa soak sessions. Volcanic rock basalt and the bathhouse’s urban location inspired the neutral colour palette of black and white with tan highlights to add warmth. 


A minimalist approach to the design was taken to evoke a sense of calm, clarity and relaxation. 

Heavy Demo and Myriad Pro were the typefaces selected for the logo. Heavy Demo is a strong solid font that mimics the properties of rock and the word “Bathhouse” sits as a foundation. The brochure menu was created with Gill Sans in a variety of weights and tracking sizes due to its association with skincare products. 


Abstract rock images create intrigue and feature natural elements used throughout the bathhouse’s interior. Textures were added to the background to consolidate the brochure pages.

Kalm_Brochure_Mockup copy.jpg
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