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Jazz Museum


The Jazz Museum is located in New Orleans and needed to re-brand and appeal to a broader audience.


The logo was designed to create movement and represent the vigor and energy associated with jazz music and its culture. Other influences included guitar strings, the saxophone’s shape and sheet music.


The Jazz Museum’s lively colour palette was drawn from its history in Western Africa where colour such as red, green, yellow and blue are prominent. Tints of these colours were used to create a 1950s retro feel that was representative of the era when jazz music became mainstream in western culture.


These themes were continued further through the Jazz Museum’s merchandise. The use of lines and circles was inspired by jazz album cover art as well as the shapes of audio devices and sheet music. Jazz instruments that were particularly influential in the branding process were the saxophone, piano and drums.  

Vinyl Cover Mockup_2_FA copy.jpg
Flag Mockup_2_FA copy.jpg
Headphone_FA copy.jpg
Ticket_Mockup_1 copy.jpg
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