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Sita Restaurant


Sita Restaurant is a place for people to gather and indulge in authentic Indian culture and cuisine.  


Named after the goddess of femininity, Sita was inspired by the cuisine from the Indian city of Rajasthan. Shades of blush, burgundy and metallic gold were selected to represent the distinct colours of The Pink City and her desert backdrop. Throughout the branding, bespoke henna-inspired floral designs have been created and evoke a sense of femininity and luxury that is Sita restaurant.


A purely typographic logo was chosen and Quiska was selected as the logo font as it suited the restaurant’s sophisticated feminine image. Another favourite typeface was Filosofia and was used throughout the menu to complement the logo. It also had a variety of weights.


Metallic gold dots were used in lines and circles as borders and to divide text into sections.  Floral patterns and icons were mixed and matched throughout the menus for a fun, feminine touch.

Beer Coaster Mockup copy.jpg
Business Card Hand_FRONT.jpg
Business Card Hand_BACK.jpg
Free Postcard Mockup_Front.jpg
Free Postcard Mockup_back.jpg
Facade PSD Mockup.jpg
Cicular Sign Mockup.jpg
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